Are we the BEST NEW TRIO in Fortnite? | Bugha

What's up guys! in today's video I reveal to you my new trio for the upcoming tournaments and events, as well as showing you a couple scrim games that we did well in over the past few weeks. If you enjoyed this video and want to see more content like it, don't forget to leave a like and subscribe with notifications on!
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  • The Big BUG

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  • reads title :My thoughts: Why yes yes you are

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  • ur such a lil baby, i just watched a 15 MINUTE video of crying over some cOntroLLer pLaYerS. PC players have every advantage over controller players besides aim assist

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  • Bugha stealing kills from hes friends : zZZ Me damaging a 120 damage and kill : dude ur not for this game. Ur suck. Only stealing kills. We r carrying u

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